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One of the many things that human beings cannot do without is money. You would be a hypocrite if you will say that you can live without even single centavo. This fact makes sense especially when unexpected expenses arise. No one can tell when this situation would happen as it is unexpected. What if you come across emergency situation such as your child gets sick or your car needs immediate repair? This situation would certainly necessitate you to obtain instant cash to resolve the situation immediately. Hence, borrowing money from cash loan is the best option to take.

It is very difficult to deal with such situation especially if you are living pay check to pay check. However, in case that you are planning to apply for this type of loan, it is necessary that you find a trusted company. In this way, you can ensure that your transaction will be secured and you will not end up in loan shark company. Otherwise, it would only aggravate your financial instability.

How it Works

Prior of borrowing money you should inquire first about the required documents needed by the lending company. Normally, applying for instant cash is done manually that is why it takes several days or even weeks before it gets approval. On the other hand, because of the advancement in technology, applying for loan is made even easier as you can obtain it online. There are numerous lending company websites that you can find over the internet including cash loan.

The usual process of applying for instant cash online takes only for about few minutes. After your loan application is approved, the money is disbursed on the same day. A notification mail will be send to you informing about your loan request.


Secure Processing – Applying for this type of loan entails a safe process. The personal information you shared to the lender is kept confidential.

No Credit Check – Regardless of your credit rating, anyone can apply for cash loan hassle-free. The lender is not particular with the credit history as long as you can show proof that you can afford to repay the loan on time.

Quick Approval – Instant cash is important during emergency situation that is why you need to consider option that provides quick approval. Moreover, getting cash loan does not impose processing fee just like any other loan scheme. Yet you should anticipate that the interest rates are higher as compared to traditional loan.


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Taking debts is a normal situation as long as you know your obligation. Once you have financial obligations you should see to it that you will keep on the agreement. For instance telephone bills and other bills are financial obligations that you need to carry out because you are accountable for it. If ever you fail to pay for it surely you will suffer the consequences. Sometimes the consequences aggravate the finances in such a way that applying for instant cash is the last option that you can take. In this sense, cash loan is the best option that you should avail.

Additional Charges

Apparently, when you cannot come up with the given due date of your financial obligations, additional charges are added. This is also true with getting instant cash wherein failure to repay will lead to punitive charges. The additional charges is added to the original loan amount that you borrowed that is why your debt will also increase.

Legal Aspects

Aside from the additional charges that you will suffer from failure of payment, you need to deal with the legal aspect. When you obtain cash loan and failed to repay, the lending company will file a report to the designated governing agency regarding your default of payment. This will affect your credit rating until such time that you fully repay the loan. That is why some lenders are requiring a post dated check so that when the date stated in the check comes it will be credited from your account. This is the best way that you can do to avoid from answering legal issues caused by default of payment.

On the other hand, you can also do some measures in case you foresee that you are not able to meet the agreed schedule of payment. Before the given deadline comes you should take action to communicate with the lending company and inform them about your issue. In this way, you can ask for extension of payment schedule. Sometimes the lending company offers a roll over option wherein the client can repay the loan in an extended schedule.

Nevertheless, to avoid the above-mentioned consequences, see to it that you obtain the amount of cash loan that you are confident to repay without any other issues. This will not only avert problems but this will protect you from damaging your credit rating that could affect your future financial transaction with other lending company.


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If you reach the end of your loan period and don’t have enough in your bank account to pay back the loan, you face several problems. The loan company will attempt to transfer the funds from your account – if the funds aren’t there, your bank will charge you an overdraft fee. Then, the loan company will charge you a fee for not paying the loan, and flip the loan over to your next pay period. The high interest fees will continue to apply to the loan as well, further hiking up the amount you owe.

This triple threat – overdraft fee, loan default fee, and continuing high interest rates – can land you in a cycle in which you struggle to pay off the loan by the end of each pay period. If you can’t pay it off in full, the loan will continue to flip and accrue interest. You’ll be caught in a punishing cycle.

Debit Card Payday Loans: Surrounded by Controversy

This punishing cycle is one of the reasons debit card payday loans are so controversial and are even illegal in some states. Some legislators have campaigned vigorously against debit card loans companies, accusing them of trapping people in cycle of credit dependency, and of aggressive, misleading advertising and billing practices.

In 2008, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation fined a company $234,000 for exceeding the $15.50 per $100 limit on charges for payday loans. A customer had not only been charged more than the company was entitled to collect under the Illinois Payday Loan Reform Act, but also received warnings that the account was ‘seriously delinquent’ and that the unpaid balance was hundreds of dollars more than the customer had legitimately borrowed and paid back.

Think Carefully Before Taking a Debit Card Payday Loan

So if you’re facing an unexpected cash shortage, think carefully before taking debit card loans. Look closely at the interest rates and don’t be fooled by low-sounding two week rates that translate into exorbitant annual percentages. Make sure the company you’re borrowing from doesn’t have a history of aggressive or misleading practices. And, if you do decide to take a debit card payday loan, make sure you really can pay it off in full at your next payday.


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Bad credit is of no help when a loan is needed. Many people have lowered their credit ranking due to loss of work resulting from injury or illness. For those, as well as others, having credit problems due to layoffs and job losses in U.S. and globally, getting approved for a loan is a true nightmare.

Reasons that led you to a less-than-perfect credit rating do not have any correlation with your borrowing needs – they remain just the same. Guaranteed unsecured personal loans can be a true lifesaver for you and your loved ones in difficult times. Guaranteed personal loans do not require home ownership or any other collateral to pledge in order to borrow money.

Unsecured Loans Amounts May Be As High As $1,500

Guaranteed unsecured loans for borrowers with bad credit are commonly known as bad credit cash advances. Such loans are very short term, typically with duration lasting up to your next scheduled paycheck. Therefore, many people call such cash advances payday loans. Unlike many other loans, you do not need to be employed in order to qualify for cash advance loan. However, a proof of steady income is required; therefore such unsecured loans are perfect for contractors, Social Security benefits recipients, and retirees.

Qualification for a cash advance loan comes down to proof of disposable income, which should be sufficient to cover loan payments. Lenders would require you to list details of your income and expenses to determine what is leftover to make payments on the loan. Some additional details, such as checking or savings account number, as well as documents verifying your identity and income are required. While most lenders issue bad credit cash advances for short periods and expect one payment to cover the loan in full, there are quite few that can make arrangements for as many as six payments. That is why it is possible to qualify for bad credit cash advances as high as $1,500.

The Whole Cash Advance Scheme Is Easy

Payday loans are easy and quick to get. The lending process is very simple. Once approved for a cash advance, you will be required to give a postdated check to lender for a full amount of repayment, including original loan amount, interest, and fees. After the loan matures your lender will deposit the check. This may be done electronically, without the need of physically visiting a cash advance lender. A simple form is to be filled out in this case that should provide the payday loan vendor with routing number, account number, bank name, and check number along with the amount it is written for.

It is vital to have the funds ready for loan repayment in your bank account once your note matures. Should your check bounce, you will get hit with heavy fees from both, your lender and the bank. In such a case an unsecured loan grantor would redeposit a check few days later. Some bad credit cash advance lenders reserve the right to change loan terms should the payment not go through. Therefore, make sure you understand all terms and conditions outlined in your loan agreement, and be prepared to make payments on the dates they are due.


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We all try our best to save money and most of the time life is great. All is going well while you sit back and slowly watch your savings account grow to a respectable number. Then the brakes on your car go out. No big deal, you’ve got a decent savings account. While working on your brakes it is discovered that you are also in need of shocks, strut, and any number of other things. Now this is getting into some serious cash, but you can handle it. Until Uncle Joe calls and says Gramps isn’t doing very well and you now have to fly across the country, now. Sure that is a pretty morbid example and I apologize for that, but that is life. No matter how financially prepared we think we are, there will come a time when you need extra money fast. So how can you get fast cash with little to no waiting period?

When unexpected bills arise, many people are finding the usefulness of a small instant loan. These loans are generally valued from $100 – $1,500. A big pull towards these loans for many is that they also do not require an extensive background check in order to be approved. Depending on your particular circumstances there are a few different types of instant loans you can choose from. These being personal loans, student loans, and payday loans.

Instant student loans are typically used only for minor expenses that occur while away at school and not to be used for tuition. In most cases a co-signer is necessary for approval and the life of these loans are usually only for a few months so there is no long term commitment involved.

Typically instant personal loans are found through internet lenders. These loans have only a few easily obtainable requirements like having a checking account, a job, being a legal citizen, and only one or two outstanding debts. Since there is also no credit check involved they also do not require a co-signer. As soon as your application has been reviewed and your information verified the amount of your loan is deposited into your checking account. And as such, the payments will, in most cases, be automatically withdrawn from there as well.

Instant payday loans on the other hand are a bit different from the others. These loans are generally only for 2-4 weeks depending on your companies pay period schedule. You will also be required to hand over a signed, post dated check for the entire amount owed for the loan. You can find various payday loan establishments in most cities and on the internet. If you are in dire need for extra cash, this would be the route to take because it is the quickest of all the choices and you can potentially have your cash in hand within a few hours.

Although instant loans are a great option when you’re in a fix or an emergency happens, the interest rates on these types of loans is much higher than a standard loan. So if you can wait, you would be best to obtain a standard short term loan.